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This section has all kinds of spare parts for Valpadana tractors. Searching for them is very simple, either by the Valpadana tractor model or product. The products have two reference types: the Valpadana OEM reference and the Fuster reference for the part manufactured by Repuestos Fuster, with the same quality guarantee but at a cheaper price.

At present, we manufacture the alternator for Valpadana tractors. It is a non-original, perfectly adaptable part, as it has the same technical features as the standard.

The quality is also the same, as the production process for all parts leaving our factory follows strict controls during all its stages, from the initial selection of material to the final packaging and labelling.

Fuster alternator for Valpadana tractors

This is a 12V, 34A alternator, which is 56 long, with two pins 60° to the right and 8 in diameter, without a pulley.

This spare part, along with 7000 others, is part of our stock, whose main feature is that 99% of its parts are available at any one time, so we can send them overnight. Thus, no tractor, including your Valpadana, need be left standing in the field any longer than necessary.

In addition, we have the additional parts required for complete assembly of the spare part to put it into operation. This means not having to resort to several suppliers, with the consequent delay in repairing the fault.

Thus, by going to Repuestos Fuster you can receive the alternator and accessory parts you need in a single order.

How to find the alternator on the website

Finding the alternator for your Valpadana tractor, as well as any other part in our stock, is very easy, as you can look for it in several different ways on the web.

A very intuitive way is going to the brand list and clicking on Valpadana, whereupon all the spare parts for Valpadana tractors appear, in this case the alternator. Clicking on it opens another page where the Fuster reference and OEM reference are shown.

Another way to find the part is by using the advanced search engine that appears on every page of the website, by entering the reference number directly, if you know it, and the Valpadana product and brand, if not.