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This section has all kinds of spare parts for Ursus tractors. Searching for them is very simple, either by the Ursus tractor model or product. The products appear immediately and have two reference types: the Ursus OEM reference and the Fuster reference for the part manufactured by Repuestos Fuster, with the same quality guarantee but at a cheaper price.

The spare parts for Ursus tractors are not original: they are adaptable spare parts with technical features identical to those of the brand.

They also have the same quality, due to including rigorous quality controls throughout our production process.

Fuster spare parts for Ursus tractors

At Repuestos Fuster, we manufacture steering ball joints, clutches and water pumps for different Ursus tractor models. These form part of our catalogue of approximately 7000 references, and this stock is notable for having 99% of parts available on our warehouse shelves at all times. This means that, if you need a spare part, we can send it to you by next day delivery.

Also, as we know the damage caused by leaving the vehicle idle in the field or workshop, in addition to the main part we manufacture the additional ones required for proper assembly and for returning it into operation. Thus, you can find the seals, gaskets, nuts and screws necessary, for example, to perform the repair without going from one supplier to another, with the consequent delay in repairing your Ursus tractor.

How to find out if we have the part you are looking for

It's very simple. You can do so by checking the search engines that appear on every page of our website or by going to the brand list and clicking on Ursus.

In the search engine, you have to enter the reference number of the product you are looking for or, if you do not know it, you can enter the product name, make and or the tractor model. The results are shown immediately, with the Fuster and OEM reference shown along with other part features.

Searching the brand list is more intuitive. Once you reach Ursus tractors and click on it, you will find all the spare parts available from Fuster Spares organised into three sections: 2WD Front axle, Clutch and Motor. You will be able to check if we have the part you are looking for by continuing your search.