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This section has all kinds of spare parts for Steyr tractors. Searching for them is very simple, either by the Steyr tractor model or product. The products have two reference types: the Steyr OEM reference and the Fuster reference for the part manufactured by Repuestos Fuster, with the same quality guarantee but at a cheaper price.

Fuster spare parts are not original, but have the same guarantee of quality as the original parts, as they are manufactured by a production process subject to strict controls: from the first moment when the material is selected till its completion with the final labelling.

Fuster spare parts for Steyr tractors

At Fuster, we produce spare parts for different sections of different models of Steyr tractors, adding up to over 1000 different commercial applications. We have parts that are difficult to find in the market due to their age, price or technical complexity.

All Fuster items for Steyr tractors are part of our large stock, a feature of which is having 99% of our catalogue on our warehouse shelves at all times. This means we can supply any of our items within 24 hours, so the vehicle is not forced to stand idle any longer than necessary.

We also care about the complementary nature of our references; that is, we not only manufacture the spare part but also the parts necessary to perform the correct assembly and start-up, such as seals, joints, pins, nuts and screws. Thus, we provide for the complete repair without you having to go to several suppliers.

How can I find out if the spare part I need is available?

It is very simple. Just look for it on our website, via several possibilities.

The most practical way is using the advanced search engine that appears on all our pages while browsing. You can enter the item, the product, the Steyr brand and/or the tractor model.

Another equally simple and very intuitive way is via the Steyr tractors spare parts list, which appears after clicking on the name in the brand column. This shows all the products we manufacture classified into 7 part groups: 4WD Front axle, 2WD Front axle, Electrics, Clutch, Linkage, Engine, and Transmission and PTO. Each shows the parts and, after clicking on one, the Fuster reference and the corresponding OEM reference are indicated.