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This section has all kinds of spare parts for Pasquali tractors. Searching for them is very simple, either by the Pasquali tractor model or product. The products appear immediately and have two reference types: the Pasquali OEM reference and the Fuster reference for the part manufactured by Repuestos Fuster, with the same quality but at a cheaper price.

These are non-original spare parts; that is, adaptable spare parts with the same technical features as those of Pasquali with the same quality of materials used.

For this to be the case, the Fuster part manufacturing production process follows strict controls in all its stages, from the selection and preparation of the material to the final finish.

Fuster spare parts for Pasquali tractors

The range of products that Fuster prepares for Pasquali tractors includes steering ball joints, starter motors, clutches, 3-point linkages and sensitivity control axes.

When they leave the production process, they are sent to our warehouse, where they join a stock of approximately 7000 items, of which 99% are available for next day delivery, if this is required for the part.

We do everything in our power so that Pasquali tractors are not left lying idle in the field any longer than necessary; so not only do we manufacture the main part, but also the additional ones (e.g. seals, screws and nuts) essential for proper and complete assembly. This prevents you having to go to several suppliers and, therefore, shortens repair times.

How can you tell if we have the spare you need

There are several ways to look for a spare part on our website.

One is via the advanced search engine, which is visible on every page when accessing our website. You enter the Fuster reference if you have it, the product, the Pasquali brand and/or the tractor model for which you need the spare part.

Another very intuitive way is via the Pasquali tractor spare parts list, where the products are grouped into five categories: Single front axle, Electrics, Hydraulic lift, Clutch and Linkage.

Each category contains the products it is composed of and the different part numbers. Following the link for each takes you to the specific page, which shows the tractor models it is valid for and the Fuster and OEM reference numbers.