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This section has spare parts for Nuffield tractors. Searching for them is simple and intuitive, either by the Nuffield tractor model or product. The products shown have two reference types: the Nuffield OEM reference and the Fuster reference for the part manufactured by Repuestos Fuster, with the same quality guarantee but at a cheaper price.

At Repuestos Fuster, we manufacture sleeves, steering ball joints and water pumps for Nuffield tractors. These are non-original parts, but with the same quality guarantees as those provided by the brand, since we follow strict production controls from start to finish.

Sleeves and steering ball joints for Nuffield tractors

We manufacture sleeves and steering ball joints for the 2WD front axle. Between the sleeves we insert a lower and upper bushing, a full sleeve and a nut for the Generic series models 2461, 551 and 652.

Between the ball joints, we produce a right-hand threaded ball joint and two left-hand threaded ball joints for the Generic series models 2461, 342, 460, 551, 652 and 851; we also manufacture the bushing and the bolt.

Available in 24 hours

A feature of our warehouse is maintaining a 99% stock of the parts we manufacture at all times, so that sleeves, steering ball joints and water pumps for Nuffield tractors are almost certainly available to send for next day delivery. Thus, the tractor does not have to stand idle in the field any longer than necessary and we can help you prevent unnecessary losses.

We also have the additional parts that may be needed for the proper and complete final assembly, so you do not have to look for them from different suppliers and you can perform the repair even more quickly.

How can I find the parts I need for a Nuffield tractor?

It is very easy. Just enter the reference number if you have it or, if not, the product name, the brand and/or model in the website search engine and the results are shown instantly.

You can also go to the brand list, click on Nuffield and the available products will appear. You will find the OEM reference and the Fuster reference on the part page so you can place the order and start the countdown to returning your vehicle into operation.