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In this section you will find all kinds of spare parts for Landini tractors. To find the part that interests you, enter the product and/or Landini tractor model in the search box. The products we show you have two references: the Landini OEM reference and the Fuster reference for the spare part manufactured by Repuestos Fuster with total quality guarantee but at a lower price.

Non-original spare parts for Landini tractors

At Repuestos Fuster, we have parts for practically all models of Landini tractors. These are non-original spare parts with full quality guarantees, as our production process follows strict controls throughout, concerning not only the materials, but also the finish and subsequent packaging and labelling.

If you need a part for a particular Landini tractor, we are highly likely to have it, as we have about 200 items for Landini tractors that can be used in 17,408 different applications. Many parts are now hard to find for a number of reasons (e.g. price, age or technical complexity).

And if we make it, you can rest assured it is in our large stock, where we always have 99% of our items available, as we want to be able to send them in less than 24 hours, so that the tractor is lying idle for as little time as possible.

Complementary nature

Something that we take into account when making most of the spare parts is that they are integrated; in other words, that we do not limit ourselves to producing just the main spare part, but also the accessories for a complete assembly. This returns the vehicle to working order without needing to use more than one supplier, which would delay the repair and increase costs. Therefore, as well as the spare part in question, we also supply bolts, nuts, seals, gaskets and other essential accessories.

How to find the spare part

If you need a spare and you want to know if we have it, you can search for it on the Internet by different procedures, whichever is simpler.

Firstly, you have Internet search engines, where you enter the part directly if you know it or, if you cannot enter the product, the Landini brand and/or the tractor model.

Also, you can browse the specific Landini tractor spare parts menu intuitively, where you can check the available products organised into nine different part groups to guide the search (4WD front axle, 2WD front axle, Electrics, Hydraulic lift, Clutch, Linkage, Brakes, Engine, and Transmission and power take-off. Then just click on the products to find the Fuster and OEM references, whose number is shown on the right of the products.