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This section has all kinds of spare parts for Fendt tractors. Searching for them is simple and intuitive, either by the Fendt tractor model or product. The products have two reference types: the Fendt OEM reference and the Fuster reference for the part manufactured by Repuestos Fuster, with the same quality guarantee but at a cheaper price.

Production of non-original spare parts for Fendt tractors

At Repuestos Fuster, we deal in the production of non-original spare parts for all kinds of Fendt tractor models. Therefore, these are spare parts at a more affordable price, but without reducing the quality. This is achieved by maintaining exhaustive controls throughout the entire process, which are concerned with verifying everything from the quality of the material to the finishing, packaging and final labelling.

Our production of Fendt tractor parts is very high, covering over 4,000 different commercial applications. In addition, the parts manufactured are in stock at 99%, and are available for delivery the next day. We also have parts difficult to find in the market, irrespective of their age, price or technical complexity.

We know that a Fendt tractor cannot stand idle for days and must be put into operation in the shortest possible time. Therefore, to avoid wasting time, we use several suppliers for a single repair; we supply our spare parts with all the accessories (e.g. screws, nuts, rubbers and seals), so that it can be assembled completely and operates properly at the first time of asking.

Do you want to know if we have a specific spare part for a Fendt tractor?

If you want to find a spare part for a Fendt tractor model, you can do so by inputting the reference, product and the Fendt make and/or model of tractor in the search engines that you have available without leaving this section.

You can also search for it by browsing the Fendt tractor spare parts menu, where all the available products are organised in 7 part sections (Body and cab, Front axle 4WD, Front axle single drive (2WD), Electrics, Clutch, Hitch and Motor). Within each section, you will find the products of each; clicking on them gives you the Fuster reference and OEM for you to place your order.