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This section has all spare parts for BJR tractors. Searching for them is very simple, either by the BJR tractor model or product. The resulting products have two reference types: the BJR OEM reference and the Fuster reference for the part manufactured by Repuestos Fuster, with the same quality as the original but at a cheaper price.

Fuster's central coupling arms are non-original spare parts, manufactured with a full assurance of quality because of very strict controls in the manufacturing process; these start at the time of preparing the materials and do not end till the final labelling, including the finish and packaging.

The particular central arm for a BJR tractor, D series

At Repuestos Fuster, we have the coupling arm for the BJR D series tractor models (D10, D12 and D14). They are central arms with a maximum length of 2,020mm.

These arms are part of our large stock, which is characterised by always having 99% of our items available, as we know that BJR tractors cannot stay unused out in the field. Therefore, if you need the spare part, it is more than likely that we can send it overnight.

Another general feature of our stock is that it also includes parts that are difficult to locate in the market, regardless of their age, price or technical complexity.

Another issue that concerns us is the complementarity of the items we produce, which means we manufacture, not only the main spare parts, but also the parts required for their proper assembly and operation, such as pins, nuts, seals and joints.

Thus, with the help of Repuestos Fuster, you can receive the arm and accessory parts you need without having to go to several suppliers.

How to find the available coupling arms

Finding the arm you are looking for, as well as any other item in our stock, is very easy, since you can look it up in several different ways on the Internet.

One very intuitive way is in the brand menu, where pressing BJR brings up all the spare parts for BJR tractors within the group to which they belong, in this case Linkage/Top link. Clicking on the section Top link brings up another page where the two corresponding Fuster references are indicated.

Another way to locate the part you want is to use Internet search engine, where you can directly enter the item if you know it or, if not, the product, BJR brand and/or tractor model for which you are looking for the linkage arm.