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You can find our replacement parts for tractors at our 78 points of sale spread out strategically over the whole Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Our points of sale are found in 43 provinces plus 3 towns in Portugal, so it is more than likely that you’ve got one nearby and you can make the most of the great quality-price ratio of our products.

If you need a replacement part for your tractor or you’ve got a technical problem with any of your parts, you can go to any of these points of sale and ask for the part you need or discuss your problem with us so we can find the best solution for you.

Enter your town/city

It is very easy to find your nearest point of sale. Simply write your town or city in the grey box and then the three workshops nearest to you will be displayed.

The points of sale shown are the nearest ones using the coordinates of the town you entered as a reference. All of them list their address so you can check where they are exactly and they also give their telephone number and a contact email address so you can contact them before going to the premises if you prefer.

Replacement parts for tractors

At all our points of sale you will be offered the chance to replace your old part with the Fuster replacement parts, that come with the same quality guarantee as the original tractor parts, with the advantage of a lower price.

However, if you prefer to keep using the original parts, you can also count on us, because we distribute replacement parts for tractors from the biggest 34 brands of the sector.

And because we know your work can’t wait, our warehouse holds an extensive and complete range of units available for practically all the parts, so you can ask for whatever part you need and get it very quickly.

Consult our points of sale or our company directly via our contact address and we’ll let you know about stock availability and the hours it will take to send you the replacement part you need.